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About Us

Unreasonable Pets® is a Jaipur, India based pet products brand that was started in 2022. 

Pet owners ourselves, we were fed up with low-quality pet goods in the Indian market. That's why we founded Unreasonable Pets® - to create world-class products that truly deliver value and something special for our furry best friends.

Each Unreasonable Pets® product is carefully crafted to possess both highly desirable functionality and eye-catching design. Our bandanas are made with organic cotton, our stuffed toys are colored using natural dyes, our bone toys are filled with recycled high-fluff polyester, and our signature collar - The Unreasonable Collar - is made with premium full-grain leather from Spain.

We're committed to creating products that are not only functional and attractive, but also sustainable and eco-friendly. We believe in being conscious of our impact on the environment, while providing top-of-the-line products for your pets.

We're not just a brand, we're a movement. Enough with ugly and short-lasting pet products! Our pets are loved members of our families and deserve products created with intention.

Unreasonable Pets® is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the world, one pet at a time.


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